Lease your business website

Lease your business website for €99 per month.

An effective online presence is important for generating leads. Do you want a professional website without major investments? Or do you prefer to spend your marketing budget on online promotion? Then leasing a website is the solution. For only €99 per month you get a complete website, everything included!

Lease your website for €99 per month

Completely in your own corporate identity. Within 7 days we will ensure that you have a recognizable website that can be launched, in your own colors and corporate identity. Thanks to our lease construction, you do not have to make a large investment.

No investment required

We arrange everything for your website for a fixed amount per month. Including updates and hosting. No need to worry about the technical side.

In your own corporate identity

We ensure that the website suits your company. So everything in your colors and logos so that visitors recognize your company online.

Everything in-house

You can easily change and add content thanks to our user-friendly CMS.

Help is around the corner

Are you having trouble finding something? We are ready to help you. We have a chat function and telephone number so we can help you.


Do you want something new on your website? That is always possible. We always continue to develop and also create custom functions.

Cancellable after six months

You are not tied to a long contract. The lease contract can be canceled after six months.

What is included in the website subscription?

Leasing a website with us includes everything. You get the following as standard:

  • Professional web hosting
  • A recognizable website
  • Contact forms
  • An FAQ
  • Support

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