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Different from a traditional marketing agency. We are the creative Bee Colony. Maker of websites, web shops and online marketing.


The address for websites, web shops & marketing

We offer an all-in-one solution for the digital world. We work for customers throughout the Netherlands. We do this from our Beehives spread throughout the country. This currently consists of 4 Beehives.

Our baskets can be found in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Oldenzaal and Eindhoven. This way we are always close to our customers.

In Utrecht we can be found on Vliegend Hertlaan, easily accessible next to the A12 and the Europaplein-Oost bus stop.

What we can help with

Location Enschede

Capitol 10,
7521 PL Enschede

Start directions

Location Amsterdam

Gustav Mahlerplein 2,
1082 MA Amsterdam

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Location Utrecht

Vliegend Hertlaan 15-97,
3526 KS Utrecht

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Location Tilburg

Kennedyplein 200,
5611ZV Eindhoven

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Our Beehives

We are there for ambitious entrepreneurs and companies in all corners of the Netherlands. Thanks to our 4 baskets spread across the country, we guarantee that we are always within reach. Whether you are located in the bustling city or in the quiet countryside, we are always close by.

fully responsive

The builder of websites and web shops in the Netherlands!

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or attract new customers, we'll create a website specifically designed to meet your goals. Before we start building the design, we ensure that we fully understand your goals and wishes. Once the website is fully completed and you are satisfied with the result, we can also help with online marketing. Our Bee Colony is ready to support you further!

What we made

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