Figma to WordPress development

Have your design developed pixel-perfect within WordPress.

A design tool for prototypes, such as Figma, offers a solution when creating designs for websites. However, converting a Figma design to WordPress does not always go smoothly. Integrating your Figma design directly into WordPress requires some effort and is not as simple as a simple click. Fortunately, we offer a solution: our service for translating Figma designs to WordPress.

If you want to convert your Figma design to a responsive WordPress website, you've come to the right place! Do you want to take immediate action? Then click here to use our Figma to WordPress service. Simply upload your Figma design and you will receive a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.

From Figma to WordPress

We create WordPress websites for various regular customers based on a supplied Figma design. For a pre-agreed price, as stated in the quotation, we transform every Figma design into a functional, responsive and lightning-fast WordPress website or webshop. This process is also known as 'slicing' your design.

Because we do not have to maintain direct customer contact, use permanent developers for these assignments and do not occupy valuable office spaces, we can keep the total price for developing a WordPress website relatively low. We always work on a fixed price basis. How it works? That's very simple.

Pixel-perfect from Figma to WordPress in 3 steps:

  1. Send the design to us
    As soon as we have received the design, we will review it. If there are any uncertainties, we will contact you by telephone to coordinate everything. We will then issue a quotation.
  2. WordPress development
    Once the quote has been approved, we can start. You will receive a temporary link from us to the environment where we will develop your WordPress website. You can follow everything closely.
  3. Ready for launch
    And that's it! Once development is complete, you will have a fully functional WordPress website. You can easily add content and launch the website.

We develop WordPress websites from Figma from €1299. Curious about the costs of outsourcing your assignment to us? Fill in the details below and upload the design immediately. We will then return within one working day with a no-obligation quote.

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