Logo design

The way to properly represent your company or organization in one go. Radiate your brand identity with a strong and recognizable logo.

Logos, they are like the superhero capes of the business world – a visual icon that represents your brand, product or organization. And let's be honest, such a superhero emblem has to be spot-on! Since 2014, we have been in the business of creating logos that are not only well thought out, but also capture the heart and soul of your brand. It's not just a logo; it's the visual powerhouse that tells your story!

Why is a well-thought-out logo important?

  1. It is unique and distinctive
    A good logo must be distinctive and stand out from other logos in the same industry.
  2. It is easy
    A logo should be simple and easy to recognize so that it can be easily remembered by the audience.
  3. It is recognizable
    A good logo should be easy to recognize and convey a clear message about the brand or organization.
  4. It's flexible
    A logo must work well on different media and in different formats, such as on a website, on printed matter, or on a product.
  5. It's consistent
    A good logo should be used consistently across all marketing materials for a brand or organization so that the audience can easily recognize and associate it with the brand.
  6. It's timeless
    A good logo must be timeless and not quickly become outdated, so that the brand or organization can continue to work with it in the long term.

Examples of logos we have created

We have been making logos for companies and organizations throughout the Netherlands since 2014. Below are a few examples of logos that we have designed.

A logo is your identity

A logo must convey the identity of your brand. That is why having a strong logo is important. If this matches the mission, vision and story of your brand, you create a good brand experience.

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