Web hosting for agencies

Owner of a web agency, marketing agency or digital agency? Outsource the entire technical aspect and save on costs.

Owner of a web agency, marketing agency or digital agency? Then web hosting for your customers can probably be relatively cheaper and better. We have been managing our own server park since 2014 and make our services available to competitive colleagues.

Focus solely on designing and building websites and benefit from better performance and availability of your customers' websites thanks to our equipped servers and infrastructure. In addition, every website that runs with us benefits from technical optimizations. Every website or webshop you host with us will be lightning fast.

You have one server (package) for all your customers. And all of that is also fully scalable. Became bigger? Then you can easily add resources.

By choosing our special hosting for web agencies, marketing agencies and digital agencies, you get your own resources. So your own (part of) a physical server where no other websites and web shops are located.

Everything runs at full speed without you having to do anything. We love WordPress, themes and plugins up to date, and also about the safety you don't have to worry. With a real time malware and virus scanner Hacked WordPress websites are a thing of the past.

Our server park is equipped with the latest hardware and software, perfectly tuned for ultimate speed. You will definitely notice that.

You don't do business alone, you do it together. We know the entire technical aspect inside out. So do you have a question about something? Then we are there for you.

You will receive a no-obligation proposal in advance. Our specialists configure the perfect hosting environment for your situation. 

Developing a website? Do this on a staging environment. You can create this at the touch of a button. Here you will receive a temporary URL that you can share with the customer.

Project ready? Then you push the staging environment 'live' to the customer's URL with the push of a button.

A mistake was easily made. That is why it is nice that backups are made every day. You can restore an old backup with a button.

You already have a managed web hosting environment from €35 per month

Curious about what we can do for you? Request a proposal tailored to your situation without obligation.

Why choose managed web hosting?

With managed web hosting you no longer have to worry about everything that comes with hosting. You no longer have to worry about updates or concerns about security and accessibility. These things are a thing of the past and we will take them off your hands. Save time and costs by outsourcing web hosting.

Managed web hosting summarized

Don't feel like dealing with the technical aspects of maintaining your customers' websites and web shops anymore? With managed web hosting you have a team of experts who take care of the behind-the-scenes work for you. From server maintenance and security updates to technical support, we have everything taken care of for you.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that all websites are fast, reliable and always online.

But managed web hosting is not only reassuring. It can also help your business grow. Our team is ready to help you optimize websites and web shops for search engines, increase traffic and convert visitors into customers.

So why wait? Try managed web hosting for free for 14 days today.

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