Reclamebureau Twente

Anders dan een traditioneel reclamebureau. Wij zijn de creatieve Bijenkolonie. Maker van websites, webshops en online marketing.

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The address for websites, web shops & marketing

Wij bieden een alles-in-één oplossing voor de digitale wereld. Wij werken voor klanten in Heel Nederland. Dit doen we vanuit onze Bijenkorven verspreid door het land. Momenteel bestaat dit uit 4 Bijenkorven. We hebben al voor verschillende bedrijven in Twente gewerkt.

Onze korven zijn te vinden in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Enschede en Eindhoven. Op deze manier zijn we altijd in de buurt van onze klanten.

In Enschede we can be found at Capitol 10, located near the Grolsch Veste. In addition, it is easily accessible by car from the center, Hengelo and Oldenzaal.

Three important pillars


We start the project with an extensive analysis of your company, the buyer persona and the customer journey. The objectives we set, such as increasing leads or optimizing procedures, set the direction for us.

Custom design

Our designers and UX designers strive for the ultimate visual appearance. We are going to implement the brand identity in a new contemporary design. Thanks to well-thought-out design, your website not only has a successful layout, but also the desired appearance and user experience.


Our developers transform your website into an interactive experience. We ensure that everything is developed accurately down to the pixel. In addition, we fully customize any modules. This will make your website lightning fast, which will be good for your findability later.


Nieuw: alles-in-1 online marketing abonnement

Er zijn veel manieren om jouw bedrijf online beter zichtbaar te maken. Denk aan Google Ads, Facebook Ads of een dienst als Marktplaats Pro. Met ons alles-in-1 marketing traject bekijken we waar de beste kansen liggen voor jouw bedrijf.

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The builder of websites and web shops in the Netherlands!

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or attract new customers, we'll create a website specifically designed to meet your goals. Before we start building the design, we ensure that we fully understand your goals and wishes. Once the website is fully completed and you are satisfied with the result, we can also help with online marketing. Our Bee Colony is ready to support you further!

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Location Enschede

Capitol 10,
7521 PL Enschede

Start directions

Location Amsterdam

Gustav Mahlerplein 2,
1082 MA Amsterdam

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Location Utrecht

Vliegend Hertlaan 15-97,
3526 KS Utrecht

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Location Tilburg

Kennedyplein 200,
5611ZV Eindhoven

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Our Beehives

We are there for ambitious entrepreneurs and companies in all corners of the Netherlands. Thanks to our 4 baskets spread across the country, we guarantee that we are always within reach. Whether you are located in the bustling city or in the quiet countryside, we are always close by.

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