This could be caused by credSSP encryption for Oracle recovery

Many Windows Server users have received the error message below when connecting to a VPS since the Windows 10 update in May 2018.

Users see this error message while logging in with Remote Desktop

The error message

An authentication error has occurred.
The requested feature is not supported.

Remote computer: XXX
This could be caused by credSSP encryption for Oracle recovery

Good news! The problem is very easy to solve by adjusting a value in the registry.

Download this file:

Open the .ZIP file and run the zipped file. After successfully adding this key (this is done automatically) you can connect to the VPS servers again.

What does the file do?
Adding this value to the registry can do no harm. It ensures that you can safely connect to the server again.

After you can log in to the VPS server again, it is advisable to update the Windows Server.

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