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We build professional and user-friendly websites in WordPress. Customized and tailored to your organization.


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Adobe XD to WordPress

WordPress websites for (almost) every budget

Well-thought-out strategy

We start the project with an extensive analysis: what does your company do and who is the target group? We then set achievable goals, such as increasing the number of leads that come in online.

Custom design

Our designers ensure that your website becomes completely your own. We don't work with themes. We believe your business deserves a custom WordPress website. For almost every budget.

In-house development

Our developers transform your website into an interactive experience. We ensure that everything is developed down to the pixel and loads very quickly. We also offer a standard warranty.

wordpress expert

The specialist in WordPress websites for 10+ years

We have been making WordPress websites since 2010, and we are good at it. That is why we focus entirely on WordPress. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or attract new customers, we'll create a website specifically designed to meet your goals. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what is needed for your website to perform optimally.


Certified experts in WordPress websites

Our home base is WordPress. We know the system inside and out and fully customize our websites within the most famous CMS in the world. During development, we stay as close to the basics of WordPress as possible. This way, your website continues to work well with every update and we ensure reliability and security.

Website builder in Breda | professional custom web design

A no-obligation introduction

Let's get acquainted! During an informal conversation we ensure that we get to know each other well. We map out your online goals, discuss desired functionalities and other possible wishes and requirements. This way we have a clear picture of what you are looking for.

We know your company and know exactly what you are looking for. We will develop a strategy and structure based on your wishes and requirements. This means that we determine how the website should function in general. What is the goal? And how do we ensure that this goal is achieved? We set up the website completely.

It is obvious. The website has a clear goal and a strategy to achieve this goal. Now we'll get started with the wireframes. Wireframes are sketches of the website that we use to determine where each element is placed. This gives you a rough overview of what the website will look like.

Texts are very important to ensure that the purpose and corporate identity are clearly expressed on the website. We write (in collaboration with you) clear texts that are completely suitable for the website. We take findability and clarity into account.

Time for magic. Everything is completely planned out. Now the time has come to shape everything. Web design is the stage where we create the design of the website. During this phase you will see the website come to life. Ultimately, you will have a clear idea of what the website will look like.

With the design in hand, we move on to the development phase. This is the moment when we actually start building the website. Our developers assemble the code and implement all functionalities. During this process the website comes to life. It is one of the nicest phases because now everything is becoming reality.

The website is being perfected and prepared for the big reveal. Our experts continue to work hard to ensure that everything falls into place. From the latest technical optimizations to refining visual elements, we ensure that your website is finished down to the last detail. This is the final phase before we pop the champagne corks when your brand new, impressive website goes live!

6 advantages of our WordPress websites



  • A permanent contact person
  • Fast communication
  • Live within 6 – 12 weeks



  • Clear quotation
  • Never any costs afterwards
  • Working with fixed prices



  • Updated every month
  • Expansion is always possible
  • Build pages yourself


Perfect code

  • WordPress only
  • In accordance with all standards
  • Responsive




Support after go-live

  • Free WordPress training
  • Technical support
  • 6 months warranty

Do you have a question? The answer is yes!

Do you offer support after delivery?


Can I manage the website myself after some time?


Are you creating more leads with a new website?


Do you work throughout the Netherlands?


Is the findability of the new website good?


Can we get training once the site is ready?


Does the website also work well on mobile?


Another question? Just ask!

fully responsive

Pixel-perfect websites for all platforms

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or attract new customers, we'll create a website specifically designed to meet your goals. Before we start building the design, we ensure that we fully understand your goals and wishes. Once the website is fully completed and you are satisfied with the result, we can also help with online marketing. Our Bee Colony is ready to support you further!

online marketing

Do you want your website to generate more conversions?

Do you want to be found better locally? Or are you ready to take on the big boys? With our online marketing packages you can be sure that you are in the right place. We have three different packages that are completely customized to meet your desired results. Our packages work on a monthly basis, similar to a subscription, with the flexibility of monthly cancellation.

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Easily manage the content on your website yourself

Your website is delivered with a unique Content Management System that has been developed specifically for you. This makes it easy to maintain an overview, because you only manage the parts that are relevant to your situation. Management runs smoothly through the trusted WordPress management system, allowing seamless integration with various systems and plugins.

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