The impact of web hosting on organic search results

An important aspect that is almost never discussed when it comes to SEO is the design of a web server. But why is it never about that?

You often hear marketing agencies and website builders harp on SEO. Your search results are very important. After all, what is a website without visitors? And that is why you often receive an SEO subscription after building a website pushed under your feet. Writing SEO texts, content and link building. And you have to pay quite a bit for that. But many agencies don't hear about the technical aspect of a website or webshop. And I don't mean the code of the website, but really the server that ensures that a website is online.

But why not? Doesn't the entire technical side of a website influence your search results? Well, yes. That's why it's strange that this doesn't happen often enough. The technical side (i.e. the design of your web server) has a huge impact on your organic search results.

Good web hosting affects your organic search results because it affects the loading speed of your website or webshop. You can make a website 3 seconds faster purely by setting up a server. And 3 seconds is a lot for a search engine like Google.

Faster websites and web shops are ranked higher in the search results because they offer a better user experience. If your website is slow, people are more likely to drop out and go back to the search results, which can lead to a higher bounce rate. This has a negative impact on your positions in the search results.

Examples of technical optimizations

  • Do you have a WordPress website? Ensures that your website runs in a container, for example Kubernetes or an LVM from CloudLinux. This way your website gets its own resources. Because your website is on a server with more websites, it is important that all websites do not disturb each other.
  • Do you have the above? Then make sure you have at least 4 GB of dedicated memory. If you have a larger website, it is wise to stick to 8 GB. The same goes for the CPU. A WordPress website runs fine on 1 or 2 cores, but are you really going for speed and reliability? Then take at least 4 cores.
  • Provide server-side caching. This can ensure that frequently used data is stored in memory so that it can be retrieved more quickly on future visits to the website.
  • Is your website also visited abroad? Then use a content delivery network (CDN) to store and deliver static files from servers close to your website visitors. This can reduce the loading time of your website because the files can load faster.

Good web hosting is very important to ensure that your website is reliable and offline less often. If your website is often offline, this can also lead to a poor user experience and lower positions in the search results.

Choosing good web hosting and the design of the web server is therefore crucial for achieving higher search positions. By technically optimizing your website, there is a good chance that you can increase online sales.

Are you not worried about the reliability and accessibility of your website or webshop? Then it is managed WordPress hosting probably something for you.

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