Use our services and receive a €2,500 discount

With the 'My Digital Business' subsidy, your company receives a €2,500 discount on all our services. Read more and start the subsidy application here.

Do you want to continue growing your business online? Then using online campaigns, improving or renewing a website or outsourcing social media is a perfect way. And thanks to the 'My Digital Business' subsidy, your company will receive a €2,500 discount on all our services.

The government wants to stimulate the digitalization of companies and organizations. By optimizing your digital presence and findability, your company will grow faster and healthier.

Our services that qualify for the subsidy

  • Having a website created
  • Creating an online store
  • Designing a new corporate identity
  • Our all-in-1 marketing packages
  • Outsourcing social media
  • A tailor-made solution for marketing or websites

Does my company qualify?
A company is eligible for the subsidy if it meets the conditions below.

  • Maximum 50 employees
  • Annual turnover of maximum €10 million
  • This subsidy scheme has not been used before

Applications from May 8
The subsidy can be applied for from May 8, 2023. Please contact us to discuss your wishes. We will then make a plan that you can submit with your subsidy application. Will the application be approved? We will then start working on the work stated in the plan.

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