The 5 most bizarre marketing stunts of all time

Marketing is no longer just promoting a product or service. Today it's about creating experiences, emotions and memories.

Marketing is no longer just promoting a product or service. Today it's about creating experiences, emotions and memories. And some marketers take this very far. In this article we go back in time and look at the 5 most bizarre marketing stunts of all time.

  1. “Subservient Chicken”
    In 2004, Burger King launched an interactive campaign where people could give commands to a man in a chicken suit online. This “Subservient Chicken” then did everything people asked, from doing push-ups to breakdancing. The campaign went viral and generated millions of views and a lot of fuss.
  2. “Red Bull Stratos”
    In 2012, Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped from a balloon at an altitude of 39 kilometers, using only a parachute to break his fall. The entire event was sponsored by Red Bull and was broadcast live on television and the internet. It gave Red Bull a lot of exposure and positioned the brand as adventurous and innovative.
  3. “KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen”
    In 2016, fast food chain KFC launched a sunscreen that smelled and tasted like their famous “Extra Crispy Chicken”. It was meant as a joke, but many people took it seriously and actually wanted to buy the product. It gave KFC a lot of free publicity.
  4. “The IKEA Catalog”
    Of course we all know IKEA. But in 2016 they wanted to distinguish themselves from the competition in a different way. They came up with a marketing stunt that was not only creative, but also set a world record. The IKEA Catalog of 2016 was the largest book in the world. The book measured 3.2 x 4.28 meters and weighed 650 kilos. It contained all the products and inspiration pages that are also in the normal IKEA catalogue.
  5. “Share a Coke”
    In 2011, Coca-Cola launched a campaign where people could have their own name printed on a bottle of Coca-Cola. It generated a lot of positive publicity for Coca-Cola and increased involvement of their target group. Later, other variants were also introduced, such as bottles with nicknames and countries.

So you see: marketing can be used in many ways. These 5 bizarre marketing stunts all have something in common: they are different and provide a lot of publicity and exposure. Of course, not all marketing stunts are equally effective or responsible, but it does show that there are many creative ways to draw attention to your brand.

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