Have a website made. How much does that cost?

The question that is often asked in the beginning. “How much does it cost to have a new website created?” If our answer is: “Between “€299 and €25,000” most people look at us crazy. How is it possible that this difference is so big? And what is that about? Let's just talk about that now. 🙂

How big is the website?
That sounds very logical, and it is. But that's how it is: do you want a website with 4 pages and a little information, or are you looking for a complex webshop with 25+ pages and integration with your accounting system. List exactly what you are looking for.

What is the purpose of the website?
You have a website with the aim of informing, activating or convincing your visitor. It is important to think about this carefully. If you do not use your website properly, you could potentially miss out on a lot of sales. And that's a shame, because your website is a huge revenue generator could be. A well-thought-out website can automatically generate sales.

Challenge your visitor
Most of the time when creating a website is spent thinking about it. Think in advance about what you want the visitor to do. Challenge your visitor, let the visitor request a quote, give the visitor something that is irresistible. Something you should definitely have before you leave the website.

Following up on leads
You have challenged your visitor, great! But now. You have your visitor's data, now time is spent following up on leads. Do something with the information. Send an email, call or send a WhatsApp. Think carefully about what you want to offer the customer, and remember, make it irresistible


You can see that creating a website takes a lot of thought. And that's not a bad thing, in fact, it's a lot of fun and interesting to do.

Make sure that a website does not cost you more time. Let the website do the work for you. Everything above, challenging and following up on leads, can be fully automated.


What's going on? I still don't understand why a website can cost €299 and €25,000.

The answer to this question is simply very difficult. A car can cost 199 euros, but also 100,000 euros.

It depends on the options you choose. Do you want cruise control? Then you pay more. Are you going for automatic parking? Then the price also goes up.

That's how it works with a website. The more you want, the more it will cost.

But: it is not a cost item!

A well-thought-out website does indeed cost money, but we prefer to look at it from the other side.

Your website will ensure that you make much more turnover. So a website actually costs nothing, you receive money for having a website created.

Are you curious about how your website can generate more sales? Feel free to call us on 085 301 9992. We can then go through your website together and see what you are doing well or what could be improved. Maybe we'll hit it off and we can do something cool together. 🙂

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