5x tips to optimize your website or webshop 🐝

Creating a website is not just about looking for beautiful pictures and writing nice texts. At least, if you want to turn your website into a 'revenue machine'. It is very good to strategically map out your website in advance. Why do you want a website? Who are you making a website for? What expectations do you have? 🤓

01. Purpose of your website or webshop
An important question if you are going to create a new website, or if you want to improve your current website.
Make a concrete goal.
Why do you want a website? What are your expectations? How do you ensure that visitors become customers?

02. For whom?
Who is the target group of your website? Grab a pen and paper and write down who you want to reach.
Try to put yourself in the visitor's shoes.
What do they like? How do they find me? What do I want to offer them?

03. Keep it simple
You sometimes hear it: 'Less is more'. This also (often) applies to a website or webshop. Don't turn your website or webshop into a jungle that you have to weave through.

Think in advance what the visitor should do on your website. Make sure it is easy to find on your website.

04. Prove it
We are the best! You can't find it cheaper! We deliver the fastest!

Don't promise your visitor anything that you cannot keep. In fact, make sure you have proof for these types of statements. Gain the trust of your visitors. You can indeed be the best or the cheapest, but show this. Perhaps you have won a prize, or an article has been published.

05. Test your website
A common error on websites is broken elements or pages that are no longer relevant. Check your own website every now and then. Click through it, view all pages and check whether all information is still relevant.

This way you prevent confusion for the visitor. You may also need to rewrite some content slightly. Do that, it is also good for your SEO (online findability). Changing a few texts every now and then doesn't hurt, in fact it is recommended!

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