Why having a website is important

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A website only costs money, right? That's unnecessary, isn't it? Can't I advertise much better with word of mouth? Why is having a good website important for my business?

Having a good website can make a night and day difference for your business. Below we list the most important points for you.

Expand your customer base
What do you do if you want to know who can collect scrap iron from your home? Or if you are looking for a supermarket abroad? Exactly: search on Google! You can miss out on a lot of (potential) customers if you don't have a website (and a listing on Google).

It's going to save you time
Huh? How will it save time? Very easy: you can put all kinds of practical information on your website. This way people can easily see an answer to their question. That saves you having to answer an email or deal with a telephone call.

Staying one step ahead of the competition
Your competitor probably also has a website. But stay one step ahead. For example, what we do for our companies is using new technologies such as drones and virtual reality. In this way, our customers are often one step ahead of their competitors. But it can also be very simple by posting blog posts regularly, depending on who your target group is.

An affordable marketing tool
Your website is an advantageous marketing tool. Compare your website with your property. You can add unlimited 'square meters' to your website without incurring additional costs. Distributing your website also costs nothing.

Available 24/7
Also an important one: your website is accessible anytime, anywhere. The internet has no opening hours (it's even open on Sundays!). Take advantage of this by putting your website online.

As we have listed for you, having a website is quite important. But these are by no means all points. Give us a call so that we can inform you about all the options without obligation.

If you have a difficult question or assignment for us, you can also call (or email) us. We take on every challenge together with you. Challenge us!


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