5 tips to be found online in your area

You have created or had a website or webshop created. Party! Now we have to wait for the first visitors. Hm, it takes a long time for a visitor to come to the website. Is there a way to speed this up? Yes, of course there is that way. Below are 5 tips that you can use immediately to be found online better locally.

  1. Add your business on 'Google My Business
    Google My Business is perhaps the best tip we can give. Google My Business gets you listed on Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google services. Suppose you have your own hairdresser's shop, then it is of course nice that when someone looks up 'Barber' on Google Maps, they will see your shop.

    With Google My Business you can completely configure how you are displayed on Google Maps. So absolutely beautiful. Sign up for Google My Business can here.

  2. Include the city name in the titles of your pages
    You need to do this part in the back end of your website. The most important page for a search engine is your homepage. Make sure that the title of your homepage includes the city name.

    Do you have a hairdresser's shop in Enschede? Do not use 'The best barbershop in the area' as the title, but rather 'Barbershop in Enschede – Get an immediate haircut'. You then indicate that you are in the area, but also indicate that the customer can be helped quickly. Engage customers and entice them to your website.

  3. Include the address on your site
    Yes, we really have to give this tip. Too often, companies do not have an address in a clear place. In any case, put the address on an 'About us' and 'Contact' page. It is even better if the address appears on every page. For example, at the bottom of every page (in the footer).

  4. Have regional websites link to your website
    This can be done, for example, in the form of a blog article. Someone writes something about your barbershop. Have them name your website, including a clickable link. This causes search engines to see this link and think, 'Hey! That website is also mentioned here. The website looks relevant. We're going to put that higher in our search engine!'.

  5. Optimize your link structure
    With many systems you can adjust the link (slug) to your pages. Everything after the '/' is a slug. For example: www.jesite.nl/naam-van-de-pagina.

    Make sure that the place name is also included. For example: www.kapperszaakjan.nl/knippen-enschede. Do not use capital letters and keep it as short as possible.

Good luck with these tips! You may have some good additions or questions. We are happy to think along with you! Send us an email at info@beezdesign.nl, or give us a call. We like it!

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