Speakup connects people with technology so they have the freedom to choose where, when and how they communicate securely with each other and the world around them. We developed a new website for Speakup.

This is Speakup

Speakup is a telecommunications provider in Enschede. The website was outdated and no longer aligned with the company. During the first conversation, clear points emerged. The website must be adventurous, more daring than others and clear. We started working with this briefing.

While the previous website mainly consisted of a lot of text, the new website mainly consists of visual elements.

It has to be bolder

Adventurous, daring and clear. We can do something with that. We have given the website a complete makeover. There was also a desire to make it easier to adjust the website. That's why we chose to build our own Content Management System within WordPress. This allows Speakup to manage all content of the website itself.

The result

The website looks completely different, and therefore also the Speakup brand. With the theme of a paraglider seeking adventure, the mountains of endless possibilities and the color orange of enthusiasm, the website is indeed daring.

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