10x useful SEO tips to get started right away

Do you want to improve the search performance of your website or webshop? Below are 10 useful tips for your SEO that you can get started with immediately. Increase your online search results.

Every marketing agency throws around the term SEO. A little SEO here, a little optimization there and you're done. Your number one position in Google is in, right?

It sounds too good to be true. You pay a marketing agency and in return you end up on the first page of Google, or even the very first place. Sorry, I'm going to take you out of that dream for a moment. It is not possible.

Or not possible, that is also an exaggeration of course. But getting a guaranteed first place in Google is difficult and can never be guaranteed. This depends on several factors.

Below are some factors that determine your position (ranking) in Google.

1. Your website is like spaghetti
The way in which your website is created has a major influence on the search engine.

Does your website consist of spaghetti codes or is it built by a website builder who has written a nice neat code?

2. Your website is a freight train
When you go to your website, does it load within two seconds? Or will it take longer?

If this takes longer, there is a good chance that point one is not right, or that your web hosting is not fast enough.

A fast loading time has a huge impact on your search results.

3. The search terms
Ultimately, this is everything: which keywords is your potential customer searching for? If you have a webshop where you sell sausages, then a search term such as 'kebap online' is not relevant at all.

Google knows that too. so it's not going to put you at the top. But if you use 'buy frankfurter online' as a search term, there is a greater chance that you will be at the top.

Create landing pages on your website and let a word play the 'leading role' on each landing page. Focus on this word and make sure it is also used in normal sentences.

What exactly is SEO? And SEA? Literal translation: SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEA is Search Engine Advertising.

As you can see from the abbreviations, the difference is quite easy. SEO are the non-paid Google results and SEA are the advertisements you see in a search engine like Google.

Your place in the unpaid results depends on so many different factors. Above are important ones that will help you get by.

But in addition to the three above, the points below are also important. And the best part is: you can get started right away!

  1. Mobile usability – is your website mobile accessible?
  2. Are you active on social media?
  3. Does every page on your website have a good title?
  4. Does your website have an SSL certificate – the green padlock?
  5. Call-to-actions – do you encourage your visitor to do something?
  6. No broken links – does every link on your website point to an existing page?
  7. Are your contact details clearly visible?
  8. Do you have difficult texts on your website, or is it easy to read?
  9. Do you have a sitemap linked to your site?
  10. Have you deleted old pages?

Do you have additional tips? Or do you have a good brainteaser for us? We are happy to think along with you.

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