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We help companies and organizations grow online through the proper use of online marketing.

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Online marketing

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Grow online through the use of advertisements

There are countless ways to grow your sales online through online marketing. Do you want to generate more turnover with your website or webshop? Want to realize more sales? With online marketing you achieve great results in relatively little time.


Online marketing

You get great results online, but you think you can get even more out of it. Or you've created ads, just to see if it works. Hmm, bummed. Nothing or hardly anything comes out. How is that possible? Your feeling is correct. You can achieve great results with online marketing.


No fewer than 98% (!) of people in the Netherlands use social media. You can advertise very specifically on Facebook. Directly in the timeline of your potential customers.

Search engines

The best choice in the long term. Achieve higher positions on Google and dominate the search engine. The combination of technology and content is our strength.

To advertise

Fast and effective results. Then you have come to the right place at SEA. With advertisements in the search engine you will be in beautiful places in no time. Ready to convert?

Number 1 positions

We were asked for a garage rental company to see if and how we could improve the findability of the website. We have optimized the website and demonstrably improved its findability.

The website now has several number 1 positions in the search engines, which increases online requests and customers, without a lead actually costing money.

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