Why outsourcing your website can save you a lot of money

Creating a website yourself is not difficult at all. Nowadays there are plenty of (online) programs with which you can easily put together your own website. Everyone can now easily create a good website, right?

No. That, in short, is the answer to the above question. Of course it is possible to create a website yourself that looks somewhat the way you want, but do you really get a website that does what it is supposed to do?

Create your own website or have it created: what's the difference?
If you create a website yourself, you can organize it how you want, but you can quickly overlook many aspects (which are incredibly important). For example, the texts on a website must be written in such a way that Google can easily read them. If this is not the case, your website will not be found properly (read: not at all).

Many online tools say that SEO (search engine optimization = better found) is 'included' in the package. But good SEO cannot simply be 'added' to a website. This requires human work. A large part of this consists of writing smart texts. The technical aspect of a website also plays a role. Consider, for example, the size of photos and other media, the ratio between image and text and the meta tags. Are you now starting to wonder what the hell meta tags are? Then that is exactly the point I want to make :)!

It can therefore be a time-consuming job (just to be found) to write good texts for your website. But of course SEO is not the only thing that needs to be taken into account.

Shoemaker stick to your last

So, if I may give you a tip if you want to create a website yourself: delve into the technology of the website, delve into the best way to realize sales through your website and delve into search engine optimization.

There is no point in sitting back when your website is ready! After your website is ready, you can start online marketing of your website. The intention is often to turn visitors into customers. An online campaign perfectly tailored to the website can ensure this.

A good website is a smart investment

We always say that your website is an investment, and it is. At least, that's what it should be. As soon as your website is finished, the intention is that the website will deliver results. You need to ask yourself a few questions in advance: What do I want to achieve with my website? Who is my target group? How am I going to approach the target group? The call-to-action: what should visitors do on your website?

We are convinced that every website we build will pay for itself (and that has always worked out so far!). Let us help you. You can reach us free of charge by telephone or e-mail. We are happy to give you free tips & tricks on how you can improve your existing website. Have a chat with us, we'll have fun 🙂

And don't be afraid: there are no stupid questions in this field. Also ask critical questions. Challenge us, make it difficult for us. This way we can achieve unprecedented results.

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