Questions to ask your new website builder

Want to have a new website or webshop created? There may be a number of things that you did not immediately think of, but that are useful to know in advance.

Recently we have come across many entrepreneurs who are suddenly busy with their website or webshop. But we often hear: 'I'm not considered good, but everything is good, right? My website builder says yes.' It turns out: the basic search engine information has not yet been filled in. Apparently the website builder does not consider the online findability of its customers important.

It is actually something that the website builder has to do themselves: but ask these critical questions during the first conversations. What do you expect from your website builder, and what are you really looking for. Of course, you want a beautiful website or webshop. But why? Do you want more leads? Do you want to increase your turnover online? Make it concrete.

1. How will you increase my online visibility?
And don't let them throw around terms like: "We ensure that you reach the top of Google through our special search engine optimization methods." Do you understand what they are saying? And how can they make that happen? You can never guarantee 100 percent that you will be at the top of Google. That can sometimes be quite a brainteaser, ask your website builder if he/she can explain this in Jip & Janneke language.

2. How will you support me to be successful online?
Sometimes you just need a little push to get started with your website. Who's going to give you that push? It would be nice if your website builder encourages you to be active online and regularly checks in with you to give you some tips.

3. Can I do something myself to increase my online findability?
Ask your website builder if he/she creates the website in a CMS system (for example WordPress). This way you can also create messages and pages yourself. Regularly writing new content on your website is incredibly important. Perhaps the website builder can do this themselves every month. In short: can you add content yourself or do you have to go to your website builder every time you want something on the website?

And now you can ask the website builder these questions, but a good website builder must also ask you questions. Does the website builder not ask you these questions below? Then you have to ask yourself again whether you want to do business with that person. Without answers to these questions, your website can never be perfectly tailored to the (potential) visitors.

  • Why are you better than your competitors?
  • What do you want to achieve with your website?
  • Describe what you would like to see on your website.
  • Who is your target group?
  • What action should a visitor perform on your website (call-to-action).

And there are many more questions that help determine what your website will look like. Building a good website or webshop can take a lot of thought and time. If you don't really know where to start, just give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to think along with you!

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