This way you ensure returning customers to your webshop

Hurrah! You have received an order. The customer has ordered something and has it delivered to his home. Absolutely fine. On to the next! However? Or is there a way to increase the chance that the customer will come back to you again? You guessed it: there is! Otherwise we wouldn't make a blog with this title of course. A number of tips that you can use immediately to ensure that customers return to your webshop faster.

  1. Use marketing automation
    Has your customer received the order? After a week, send an automatic email asking if the customer wants to review you. Occasionally show your name in a newsletter, send a discount code after two months. Let us know you're still here. But don't do it too often. Just occasionally.
  2. Use remarketing
    Someone has visited your webshop. Even better! You can now use remarketing to ensure that the visitor sees your name again. A more specific example: someone has completed an order and comes to the confirmation page. You can now register (by means of a cookie) that the person has completed an order.
    You can now create an advertisement with Google and ensure that the person slowly sees advertisements from your shop again after a month.

    This ensures that the visitor is reminded of your webshop, and will hopefully buy something from you again. For example, put a discount code in the advertisement. Convince them to come back again.
  3. Loyalty program (digital stamp card)
    Reward your customer for coming back. For example, create a loyalty program. For example, work with a points system or a stamp card. The customer receives points or a digital stamp for every order. Does the customer have that many points or stamps? Then the customer gets something in return.

    This activates the customer to come back again.

Of course, there are several ways to get customers to return. But the above three always work well in practice and can be implemented in a very targeted manner.

Which tips are you already using? Or which one would you like to use? We always enjoy chatting about this. Feel free to call or email us 🙂

Good luck!

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