UX Design

Our UX specialists are always working on making interfaces user-friendly. Particularly websites and web shops. But why?

UX design, or “User Experience Design”, is the process of ensuring that users have a good experience while using a product, such as a website or webshop. UX design focuses on how the product feels to the user, how easy it is to use, and how effective it is in helping the user achieve their goals.

Our UX designers work on the design by analyzing what users want and what they need. By mapping this out, we can create a design that meets these wishes. This way a website visitor can easily find something without frustration. Because ultimately the goal of a new website or webshop is to generate more turnover.

The goal of UX design is to create a product that delivers a positive user experience, which can lead to greater user satisfaction and a higher likelihood of returning users.

Why UX Design when creating a new website?

There are several reasons why UX design is important for creating a website. Below I have listed some of the main reasons:

  1. Usability: Using good UX design can make a website easy to use for visitors. This can help improve the visitor experience and prevent visitors from dropping off due to a difficult-to-use site.
  2. Conversion: A well-designed website can help convince visitors to convert, for example by purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter.
  3. Search engine optimization: Good UX design can also help a website rank better in search engines, because a well-designed site is often faster and easier for search engines to crawl.
  4. Brand image: A professionally designed website can help to strengthen the brand image and make a professional impression on visitors.
  5. Ease of use on mobile devices: More and more people are using their smartphones to get online, so it's important to make sure a website works well on mobile devices. Good UX design can help ensure that a website is easy to use on mobile devices.

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