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Experience the power of high-quality visual storytelling videos. From compelling portraits to impressive aerial shots using drones. Have your company or organization professionally photographed.

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Have a video made in Oldenzaal - we are the video specialist in Twente

We make professional corporate films, aftermovies and drone recordings. Strengthen your brand and tell your story in a unique way. Nothing is too crazy for us, only fantasy has limits.

Increase your brand value
By making a corporate video and using it in (online) campaigns, you strengthen your brand.

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Pictures say more than a thousand words

Let the Bee Colony capture your company, event or team through videos. Videos not only complement text, but they also strengthen the message on websites, social media and introductions. Do you have a spectacular event planned? Then a great aftermovie should not be missed! Give your visitors the opportunity to look back on an unforgettable day after the event. You have also come to the right place for drone recordings.

A unique view

Recordings made with a drone provide a unique view of a location, object or event. Our certified drone pilots use drones as an extension of their vision, capturing beautiful images. We make images throughout the Netherlands, but also beyond. Our certificates are valid worldwide.

Drone recording costs

Aerial photos and videos, sounds quite exclusive. But a drone is not an expensive helicopter with fuel that needs to get into the air. A certified person comes along who flies the drone, makes the recordings and then immediately edits the video and photos. Drone recordings are available from €199. Call or email us and ask about the possibilities

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Watch a drone video and be amazed by the quality

Drone shots are interesting and add value to a corporate video, aftermovie or event film. Our flights are always safe, with permits and insurance.

These drone shots were taken during a challenge to the Northern Cape in 2022.

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