What is link building? And useful tips to get started right away

If you are concerned with the findability of your website, you have probably seen it before: link building. What is it? What does it do? And how do you start with link building? A concise explanation with useful tips.

Very simply put, it is actually placing your website (with a clickable link) on other websites. A search engine sees your link on other websites and thinks: “Hey! That must be interesting. All these websites link to this company's website. It will probably be relevant, so I will put this website higher in my results.”

So, the more websites that have your clickable on the website, the higher you will rank in Google. However? No, unfortunately not completely. Although this is how this system works, there are a number of snags.

Domain authority
There is no point in creating all kinds of new websites without content and putting your link there. Every domain name has an authority. This indicates how important a website is. Suppose you have a website where something has been posted every week for 10 years. A website that is very active. The domain authority of this website is then high. After all, the website has been around for 10 years and is still being updated. So great.

But if you have a website that is a week old, but little content of value. Then it will have a much lower domain authority. The link on this website is therefore not that valuable.

Well-visited news websites and blogs are therefore valuable places for a link. Provided the content is somewhat related.

Does link building still work in 2021?
Of course! Of course, it is not the only method to improve your website's organic rankings, but it is certainly an important factor. But remember: quality over quantity!

On a row:

  • Link building is still relevant in 2021.
  • Is your website on more other websites? Google will then see this as a kind of 'recommendation' of your website.
  • Press releases and news websites are often valuable places, we also call this 'PR Link Building'.
  • Blogs on industry-related websites are a big plus.
  • Backlinks from home pages.

So, enough to get you started. Are you already using link building for your website? Or would you like to spar with us? We are ready for you!

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