Before we start designing a new website, we first create wireframes. What are these? And why are we doing this?

Wireframes are schematic images or layouts that are used to visualize the basic structure of a website or webshop. They indicate how the different elements of the website or webshop will be organized and how the user will navigate through the site. Wireframes are simple, without many visual details or design elements, and focus on the functional aspect of the website or webshop.

We create wireframes prior to the design process to test and improve the usability of a website before starting to design the appearance of the website.

This way you can easily see where which elements will be placed, and how the flow of a new website or webshop works.

Why do you create wireframes first and then a design?

There are several reasons why creating wireframes can be useful before starting to develop a website.

  1. It helps establish the structure of the website. Wireframes can be used to determine the overall structure of the website, including the navigation and how the different pages will be linked together. This can help determine the user flow and reduce the chance of problems during the development process.
  2. It makes it easier to communicate with stakeholders: Wireframes are a visual way to show the structure of the website to stakeholders, such as customers and team members. This can help set everyone's expectations and avoid any problems or confusion.
  3. It can save time and resources: By creating wireframes before you start designing the website, you can address any issues or changes to the structure before they cost too much time and resources. It's easier and cheaper to make changes to a wireframe than to a fully designed website.
  4. It can help with usability testing: By creating wireframes and testing with users, you can improve the usability of the website before you start designing it. This can help identify and resolve issues before they lead to user frustration.

Have we finished schematically designing a website? Then we start with it website design.

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